The Faith Of Jesus: The Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer

Prayer offers a window into a person’s beliefs and core values. Jesus was no different. The Gospels describe Jesus as praying often, but only provide a few examples of his prayers. So what did Jesus believe; what were his core values? Join us as we explore the faith of Jesus through the prayer he taught his disciples, the Lord’s Prayer. Each phrase offers entry into the world and thought of Jesus. By studying his prayer within its cultural and spiritual context, we gain greater insight into the faith of Jesus and see how it can transform our faith

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Marc Turnage
Marc Turnage

Marc Turnage holds an MA in Ancient Judaism and the Origins of Christianity from Jerusalem University College. He is currently finishing his PhD in the Land of Israel Studies Department at Bar Ilan University located in Ramat Gan, Israel, under the supervision of Professor Esther Eshel. Marc has taught graduate and undergraduate students at several universities in the United States and abroad.

Marc moved to Israel to study because he felt that the issues of spatial, historical, cultural, and spiritual settings played a vital role in how we read the Bible. While studying in Israel, he fell in love with the lands of the Bible. He has been guiding groups through Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, and Italy for over twenty years. Marc is a highly sought-after guide and teacher and routinely trains and lectures local tour guides about guiding Christian groups. He is passionate about leading biblical tours that deliver the very finest experience and helping people understand how to read the Bible.

Marc has published widely for both academic and popular audiences. His most recent book, Windows Into the Bible, was named by Outreach Magazine one of its top 100 Christian living resources. Marc is a widely sought-after speaker, and a gifted teacher. He resides in Springfield, MO with his family.

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What does it mean that this is an ARCHIVE course?
Our Archive courses are the original lectures that were part of our Biblical Coaching program when we first began. Where our new courses are in smaller more "bite-sized" lectures, the Archive sessions are anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. The great thing is that if you have to stop in the middle, you can pick up where you left off. We are in the process of "upgrading" our ARCHIVE collection into the new format,